57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

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"57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe"
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Are we alone? Many humans live on the planet Earth with over six billion other humans and are always alone, or feel that they are. Humans have a tendency to feel lonely and even when they are in a crowd of people or come from a very large family they feel lonely. So it only stands to reason that if we can feel alone on the planet Earth then we must be alone in the solar system, the galaxy, this particular universe and any other universes that may or may not exist beyond the one we think we live in.

That is the opinion of one sector of folks and then there is another sector of folks who are convinced that we are not alone and some believe that humans did not evolve on earth; humans got left behind when a colony of "aliens" crash landed on the planet and ended up not getting rescued. By the time their kin showed up looking for them they had forgotten all about any other life. So here we are. perhaps far far descendent's of aliens and wish some of them would come around once in while now that we feel safe behind our star war rockets and military weapons to keep us safe if the aliens turn out to be maniacal killers. There have been sightings and abductions and some people claim to have given birth and others claim to have been next door neighbors to an alien. Sergeant Clifford Stone has carefully cataloged 57 alien species. Only 57; how narrow minded of the good fellow.

Stop and look at the known history of mankind on this planet. We have clear evidence of off world assistance, interference, or a blatant finger in the air to say that someone other than humans has been busy. Scientist and local officials and sometimes world re-known officials are quick to step in with a carefully plausible explanation for all of it. It took decades and devoted, faithful workers (not slaves mind you) to build the mighty pyramids in the deserts of Africa. It was dedicated pranksters who made the crop circles. It is the genius of the human mind that has changed how we live, that we have gone from horse drawn buggies and stagecoaches - to trains, cars, airplanes, telephones, movies, television, space flight, hand held computers, digital imaging and electric cars in about one hundred years. Prior to that humans all lived about the same for centuries; so was it evolution or visitation from some of the 57 known alien species? We'll all find out soon enough and when we do, we will know it wasn't 57: more like hundreds. What do you think?

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