57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

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57 Alien Species: Why We Aren't Alone but Have Never Been Contacted

The question of if we are alone in the universe is as old as humanity itself. From the very first moments human beings were able to form advanced thoughts and question their environment we have sought answers to explain our existence. The universe is a profoundly large place, and contrary to popular belief, it is anything but quiet. Naturally produced radio waves, massive solar explosions, and radiation wreak havoc across the cosmos. The behemoth galaxies that populate the universe with their abundance of stars and planets are perhaps proof enough that we are not the only forms of intelligent life but certainly does not confirm claims of extraterrestrial sightings here on earth.

In this YouTube video, a man by the name of Sergeant Clifford Stone allegedly exposes that the United States government has not only encountered at least 57 different alien species, but has reverse-engineered alien technology such as anti-gravity and zero point energy production systems for applications such as interstellar propulsion. An organization known as The Disclosure Project claims to have over 400 reliable military witnesses that have testified that Sergeant Stone's seemingly fictional stories are true. While I don't doubt there are other advanced and intelligent forms of life in our galaxy, I do doubt certain important and often overlooked aspects of Sergeant Stone's allegations.

In order to put into a realistic perspective of the magnitude of the odds that we have come into contact with such a large number of aliens, it is necessary to take a close look at the three types of civilizations that are classified under the Kardashev scale. The Kardashev scale was created by the Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardeshev in 1964 in order to express the theory that there may be civilizations millions or even billions of years more advanced than our own. To measure the extent of his proposition roughly, he came up with three designations for such advanced civilizations: Type I, Type II and Type III. Our planet doesn't even register on this scale as we are designated a Type 0.

Some scientists hold the view that we may be the most advanced civilization in the galaxy or at least within some distance around our solar system. It may explain why programs such as SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) have never received any confirmation of artificially generated radio signals aimed at our planet or anywhere else our instruments can detect. in 1960, Dr. Frank Drake, an astrophysicist and astronomer, produced a mathematical expression known as the Drake Equation. It is used to estimate how many intelligent civilizations that may possibly exist. The equation takes into account seven factors required to know before we can begin to estimate the number of civilizations in the galaxy.

There is a lot more to the the possibility of advanced civilizations just existing let alone traveling around in space ships and visting backwater worlds like our own. They most likely exist, but what number of these are actually transmitting signs of their existence into space? What number are actually are capable of traversing the universe in advanced vessels? What number actually practices such exploration? These are questions that we may never know the answers to. With that said, the odds of any alien civilization locating and making contact or even establishing some sort of long distance contact with our planet is extremely remote. The very suggestion that we have been contacted on at least 57 occasions appears ludicrous when analyzed from the perspective that such an advanced civilization would have no need to make contact with us, nor would it waste the resources or attempt to gain scientific knowledge by examining us due to the possibility of them being so advanced that any knowledge gained from us would be extremely insignificant.

Due to all the complex known and unknown factors involved with attempting to justify the presence of advanced alien races that have visited earth and the highly unlikely nature of our planet even being located by such aliens, I conclude that Sergeant Stone's claims are entirely fictional and not scientifically sound. When our minds are approached by such a profound and fun idea it is easy to get excited and contact our inner child, like the days when my young developing mind thought Star Trek was entirely realistic, but we must remain logical and vigilant against such disinformation as it only hinders our slow yet steady progression towards the discovery of extraterrestrial life. I can only sit tight and wait for the day we make first contact, but until that day arrives, if the day ever arrives, I will remain skeptical of any claims that we have been visited. In the mean time, at least we have Star Trek!

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