57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

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"57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe"
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Are we all alone in the vast universe?   What an absurd thought. Could we be so conceited as a race to think that we could be alone in a universe so vast that the stars and the planets are uncountable? Isn't it more likely than not that other forms of life exist other than just our own? Are we going to assert like "Heinz" that there are only "57 alien species" or varieties of life?. I used to think that maybe there is other life until I had an experiece which has me convinced that there is definately other beings other than ourselves.

I had been working on a house in the Mount Washington area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania replacing a roof which had been damaged in a freak wind storm which blew through the area damaging quite a few homes. This was a particularly quiet Sunday morning fairly early and very few people were out and about.  The job had been completeted and I was taking the "after" pictures in case they were possibly needed to procure payment from the insurance company which had authorized the repairs. Standing on the roof with camera in hand I was snapping pictures when I noticed some coulds which were moving quickly by in the brisk afternoon breeze.

Could I be halucinating I thought, as I took notice of one group of passing clouds which had what looked like a group of lights circling one another in a pattern much like that of protons and electrons around a nucleus. The group started out as five objects darting about so fast they were almost indisernable. Two others quickly appeared and they were all were moving so fast that they could hardly be seen and also seemed to be hiding in a particularly dark cloud to help cloak their presence.

I've always been a star-gazer, facinated by the enormity of the heavens and their seemingly endlessness.  The cosmos intrigues me so I watch for extraordinary behavior and have been treated on occasion to some delightful sights.  This was to be a special day for me watching  the "lights" dart about in an artful display.  I had been staring unbelievably for a couple of minutes until it seemed as if one the objects took notice and stopped to take a look at me. It happened so quickly that it was quite like a subliminal message flashed on a television screen but it was an encounter I will surely never forget.  I had held my camera up and quickly snappped a couple of pictures without really thinking.

I swore to myself to never tell anyone about it for fear that I would be locked away as a lunatic. I wanted to jump up and down to tell someone but I looked about I realized I was alone in my "encounter", there wasn't anybody to share this with. The operator of this unidentifeid flying object looked directly at me with a stern glance which startled me and something jolted me and I dropped the camera.  Bending over to pick up the camera took a few seconds and as i bolted upright intending to snap more pictures these object disappeared into the sparkling sky.

What had I just seen? I put it out of my mind as telling others would only make me look foolish so I just went about my business as usual. Those were the last pictures that camera would ever take.  For some unexplainable reason it just stopped working.  I changed the batteries in it but it just would not function so I put it back into it's case and tucked it away in a drawer of my desk where it remained untouched for about 5 years.  It didn't seem to matter as the insurance paid the homeowner without need of the pictures so I had never removed the film.

I was cleaning out the desk to move and came across the camera and  noticed it still contained film.  What the heck is this I thought having no recollection at the time regarfding what could possible be on the film so I took it to be developed.  Retrieving the film from the developer I took out the pictures for viewing and the memory just flooded back into my mind like it had happpened just yesterday.

 The UFO's I saw that day may have been barely visible to the naked eye but they were trapped on my film.  I have these pictures posted on my profile page on Facebook to share with the world with the caption, "I believe".

These photos are untouched and somewhere in my thousands of negatives I have the originals that were developed at a the local "Giant Eagle" photo shop. These are not digital pictures enhanced to look like flying objects. These are pictures taken by my Samsung camera with 35mm film on a partially cloudy day in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania which has changed this persons perspective of life outside of this tiny little planet called Earth in this beatiful and immense universe.

I wonder if my "friend" ever thinks about me.

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