57 Alien Species and more right here on Earth

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"57 Alien Species and more right here on Earth"
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57 alien species? There are probably more than that. Somehow it is difficult for many people to grasp the idea that there are others living among us, but as far as them coming from another planet, that is more difficult to believe. I am sure it appears that they fly in from some distant planet, but if that were the case, there would be more evidence found with all of our technology. When we find new species of animals everyday on this planet, why not believe that there are other species of humans? Perhaps they live underground somewhere or on a deserted Island. The fact that they fly in our atmosphere might mean that they exist in it. Aliens? Yes, there are aliens living right here on this planet, but they probably originated here, as well.

Aliens have been discovered for centuries. There are sitings or lights in the sky, or strange creatures discovered. It has been said that they came from another planet, but most of these strange creatures probably exist right here. Only God knows every inch of this vast universe. I believe if there was life on other planets, it would be mentioned in the Bible. Aliens exist right here on our planet. They are humans who developed differently from us. They are different because of their climate or defective genes. With the atmosphere growing more dangerous in some areas of our world, it has caused them to seek out other areas of existence. They live in some area that has been undiscovered by us and perhaps even have a higher intelligence. They develop these flying crafts to save their civilization from extinction.

Consider all of the strange animals that are discovered washed up on the beach or frozen in the ice. These creatures were probably trying to survive and ended up closer to our homes. The same could be true with a more intelligent life such as our own. Look at some of the odd diseases that show up in other countries. There are many people born with deformities and some of them are unexplained. If a tribe of people start out with defective genes, it is possible that the entire tribe will be effected. It is always assumed that these aliens came from another planet, but who is to say that they did not just come from another part of this vast world we live in.

Just as there are many races and creeds, there are many aliens living on this planet. They may think that we are the aliens and feel threatened by us. Perhaps they are trying to explore why we are different or find out more about our cultures. It is normal for someone who is raised in one part of the country to be different from someone who grew up in another part. Aliens could be another race. Sergeant Stone's revelation is probably partly true, but the fact that these strange people flew in from some other planet makes no sense. Animals adapt to their climates and atmosphere and perhaps if humans are born in different climates with less oxygen, maybe their bodies require less or perhaps they have developed differently due to their defective genes. To think they all flew in on some UFO is less likely than to think that they flew up looking for another planet and then ended up here in our civilization. Maybe they thought they were on another planet when they encountered our human race. They probably think we are creatures just as much as we think they are.

There are many different languages and even people with the same language cannot always understand each other. Perhaps these strange people developed their own language. It is more likely that they learned a different way of communicating than that they flew in from some strange planet and have super powers. If they had such super powers, they would have already destroyed our planet. Their only super powers could be more advanced weapons or better technology. It also could be because of their advanced technology that they communicate differently than we do.

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