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On October 30th, 1938, Orson Wells made a brief statement before he began that evenings broadcast. It was a statement that declared what the audience was about to hear was just a play for entertainment. Then, with some really great sound effects and a fistful of imaginative humans, he managed to confuse, terrify and demoralize thousands of innocent minds, who had not heard the preceding brief. It would be 40 minutes later that that brief would be announced again. So, for nearly an hour, the listeners of Mr. Wells news broadcast' would shake with uncertainty as to the reality of their very lives and their planet. With just some well chosen changes in a play, Mr. Wells was able to convince humans that things were happening around them with out the need to see' or know' for themselves.

Like the audiences that sat before their radios nearly 75 years ago and listened to the stability of their planet being rattled by a loved and trusted voice telling them that Martians were invading their world, we too have those who shout out with newscaster' authority, telling us that aliens have been and are, most assuredly, on our planet today.

One very large voice is that of Sergeant Clifford Stone. In a revelation during a conference of the Disclosure Project, Stone announced that he had seen, with his own eyes, an extraterrestrial. In fact, he had seen many. And as part of a military recovery team' for crashed unidentified flying objects from outside of our planet, (Yes, we pay people to recover crashed flying saucers), he has been privy to seeing not only dead bodies of creatures from outer space but also live ones at the sites of these crashed saucers. (He never says were those crashes were but does comfort his audience with the fact that many of these creatures are humanoid. Well, that's a relief).

He also announced to the general public that theses humanoids have been catalogued into 57 species. When asked if he could tell the world what these species looked like he stated yes, but that it would take too long. But he did informed his audience that they (the extraterrestrials) had heightened senses as compared to ours (earthlings) and that each would fall into one of three shades of a gray' category.

As luck would have it, Sergeant Stone is only one of seven selected' humans who are able to communicate with the extraterrestrials but readily shares with everyone that he knows that they (the aliens) have emotional characteristics like earthlings, such as loves, needs, and loses. Koron (and that's with a K') his childhood imaginary friend (an extraterrestrial from another planet) clued him in on that fact about aliens when he was but a boy.

As a final note, we (humans) must understand that these extraterrestrials' are not trying to hurt us. According to Koron, via Sergeant Stone, the aliens, probably all 57 species of them, are actually trying to protect outer space from us. It appears that we (the earthlings) are undeveloped in our spiritual maturity! Yes, the message is that we must grow spiritually or we are not going to be allowed to come out into the aliens sand box to play with the rest of the inhabitance of the universe! Orson must not have had an imaginary friend like Clifford did or he never would have announced that the Martians were coming! He would have announced they were already here.

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