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Occasionally you see a news story that's too unbelievable to be fiction. That's why this particular news item caught my attention. It's a video interview of Sergeant Clifford Stone (retired U.S. Army) at the Roswell Museum in New Mexico. Stone has worked previously on top-secret government projects while in the army. He states that we (the U. S.) already know of the existence of about 57 alien species. I've seen this video on myself and based on his answers, body language and nervous behavior I've come to the conclusion that this man is telling the truth. Either that or he is absolutely mad and believes it to be the truth.

In either case I don't think his story is as absolutely ridiculous as it sounds. I don't know what the military knows, but if it is true then there are probably a few (million) more alien species that we don't know about at all. Some we haven't noticed, some that we don't recognize as life forms at all and others that don't care and don't want to know us. You really can't blame them. If they have observed us at all in the past they know how smart we are and how stupid we can be. This is best represented by a brief list of famous Americans. From Ben Franklin to Britney Spears, Thomas Edison to Tom Cruise, and FDR to JFK they have definitely seen us at our best and at our worst. I'm sure if they've seen any or all of the above they may have come away very unimpressed with us humans, both as a species and as a society.

The scariest thing about it is if he is being truthful then these are only the ones that our government knows about. He also added that these species range from several different types of organisms, but that the majority of them seem to be bipedal humanoids like ourselves. This could be true because like us they would be looking for a life form that is similar to theirs. The other possibility is that we wouldn't be able to recognize them at all as being a living thing if they didn't look a lot like us. If you never saw an alien you wouldn't know to look for them.

The fact that really stands out and still remains is that I don't think that Mr. Stone has any real reason or advantage to lie about this. The U.S. government has been lying and making up probable causes of these sightings for a very long time. Most people question this and wonder what are the real advantages of keeping us misinformed about UFO's. I think it is a very good possibility that it is because they want to keep us from knowing all the secrets they have learned from the aliens.

We have only made it to the moon, still fight about the bible and haven't thought of anything better than shoelaces and fossil fuels. A lot of these aliens probably think that we are not smart enough as a society to handle some of the things they know. They are probably right about this. The government also wants us to think that we are completely safe and are not vulnerable to alien invasion. I have a feeling that their technology and weapons would definitely be too much for this world. So the government thinks that the only way to make us feel safe and sane is to treat us like mushroomskeep us in the dark and keep feeding us crap!

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