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5 Myths about Extreme Weather

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"5 Myths about Extreme Weather"
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Extreme weather is always relevant because it can have a major impact on people's behavior, work, and general existence.  Despite the advances of modern society, weather is still a powerful force that can directly influence a various of environmental factors.  People may think that they have weather figured out, but here are 5 myths about extreme weather.

We can predict anything

There are certainly weather patterns that can be reasonably predicted and meteorologists are aided by satellites and other technological tools.  However, it would be unfair to suggest that humanity has mastered the art of predicting the weather.  That is a myth.  Extreme weather can still change rapidly.  Weather professionals on television talk in confident tones, but they are still making educated guesses.

Technology will save us

Another myth about extreme weather is that technology can overcome whatever might occur.  This is also a myth.  Humans have figured out how to build air conditioners, heaters, dams, and sturdy buildings.  However, it is foolish to assume that technology can overcome the power of extreme weather.  High and low temperatures, as well as major storms can quickly destroy all that humans have built.

People are prepared

It might make intuitive sense to assume that residents who deal with extreme weather on a regular basis are prepared for anything.  This is also a myth.  Some individuals still make poor decisions and assume that the weather will not impact them.  Or, it may be common for residents of a particular area to be so used to certain weather patterns, that they are unprepared when extreme conditions hit the region.  Even locals can be surprised and left exposed to the elements.

This is new stuff

Hot summers and cold winters are not new phenomenons.  The power and deception of television is that weather reports can present extreme conditions like they have never happened before.  Granted, extreme weather always seems to make news around the country, but this is not the first time that regions have experienced difficult conditions.  The idea that this is the first time weather has impacted the region is also a myth.  

We know what causes this

Examining longitudinal data and drawing conclusions on what impacts the environment can be problematic.  There are certainly a significant number of scientists that are convinced that climate change is impacted directly by human behavior.  However, there is still a debate in the scientific community, which is why it is a myth that everyone is in agreement.  Over time this debate may be settled, but that time has not yet come.

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