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2012 Mayans Prophecy – The Mayan Doomsday Prophecy

End of the world prophecy or new beginnings?

As we move ever nearer the date 21st December 2012 should we become increasingly concerned that the end of the world is nearing or some major global happening will alter life on earth for ever?

The ancient Mayan civilisation has a calendar that has stretched from 13th August 3114 BCE (near the start of old Egyptian Kingdom), this calendar end at Mayan Date a date roughly around the 21st December 2012. This date is when the Maya Long Count calendar comes to the end of a 5,126 year cycle. The exact date is debated, as is what will happen when we hit that date. There is no record telling us exactly what the ancient Maya expected to happen when this cycle ended and the next began, but this is the source of the 2012 Mayans Prophecy.

Does Mayan calendar end mean the end of the earth, some form of global destruction or just some form of new era?

This is where the source of all speculation around the impact of 21st December 2012 originates from.

Many ancient prophecies seem to suggest the significance of the date or period in time.

The Hopis and Mayans both recognize that we are approaching the end of a World Age.

The Hopi and Mayan elders do not say the world will end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another.

The Hopi prophecy 2012 has a series of final warning before the great purification by fire, is this a fire that will destroy the earth, or firing of new inspiration.

Nostradamus predicts a natural catastrophe in December 2012, predicting “great reign of terror from the skies will fall on the 12th month of the year 2012, bring with it floods and meteoroids, the waves being the height of mount Olympus (10,000).  A wave this size would flood the entire earth. Yet NASA says there are no threatening asteroids likely to hit the earth in this timeframe.

In the bible, some have interrupted it to say God will destroy the earth. The Book of Revelations has amazing symbolism throughout and of course it is highly debatable as to what is to be taken literally or symbolically.  Further judgements are released upon the earth in the form of seven trumpets, two witnesses, a dragon (the devil), the beast (the antichrist) and the false prophet, and seven golden bowls.  The judgements passed on to the Earth and it’s inhabitants include:

Plague Earthquakes Hailstorms Fire Famine Meteor storm Lack of drinking water

The Ch’ing, an ancient Chinese book of divination, has been interrupted by Terence Mckenna to suggest that a new world era will occur around the time of the next galactic alignment, the date 21st December 2012.

There is much speculation about the existence of Nibiru, known as The Red Planet or  Planet X, thought to be the 12th Planet of our solar system, on a trajectory to hit earth.  These claims are strongly denied by NASA, but internet speculation has much on conspiracy theories around this subject.

St. Malachy an Irish Priest predicts via a vision, that there would be 112 more Popes. Listing all and achieving a spooky correlation to actual names. There have been 111 Popes since this prediction.

So many prophecies seem to point to the same thing an end in 2012, but an end of what?  Could this be doomsday?

The prophecies suggest in 2012, Our Planet Will Become A WAR ZONE – Will You Survive, Or Are You And Your Family Already Doomed.


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