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1001 Things everyone should know about Science

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"1001 Things everyone should know about Science"
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In the book 1001 Things you Should Know About Science, renowned American physicist and George Mason University professor James Trefil offers an interesting twist on various science topics which both high school and elementary students often tag under the boring category.

The 1001 things is divided into topics such as biology, astronomy, zoology, physics, botany etc. Similarly, the language of the book is readily comprehensible intended for average people with average scientific literacy. More so, Trefil was right on target in captivating the readers as he presented the scientific facts and philosophies in a fun manner. Incorporating the in-depth scientific knowledge into a trivial methodology.

It dishes out trivia and questions which although intriguing, are sometimes looked pass. For instance, have anyone wondered why the grass is green? or would anyone really care if it's green or blue?

On the contrary, those not-so-interesting facts stir curiosity and stimulate the mind to explore and seek knowledge from almost anywhere. Well, knowledge is indeed power but only if you acquire it. This amazing book lays out the foundation of higher scientific knowledge. On the other hand, it's a perfectly orchestrated injustice if anyone declares that the information related within the book is just basic knowledge.

I beg to differ, the questions and trivia may be simple and just mere products of say, a child's curiosity but the explanation are useful even to high school teachers or even college professors. Needless to say, curiosity is the cornerstone of learning and no, it won't kill a cat.

The great thing about this book is the fact that it was written in a conversational tone, a lot of first and second person writing - not so smart if we are to talk about technical writing but the friendly way it was written makes the book an absolute hit.

Somehow, the readers are given some sort of feeling that they are talking face to face with Trefil. The book 1001 Things you Should Know About Science is more than 1001 bits of information - it's priceless knowledge contained in a small semi-reference book.

Another thing that makes this book an interesting read is that it is well accompanied by colorful and informative pictures, perfect not just for frustrated scientists but also for young minds that need nourishment.

Trefil, a long-time educator, was able to transform the readers into his students and the book into an interactive avenue for learning. There aren't enough adjectives to describe 1001 Things, moreover it's quite a gem that may just perfectly fit in everyone's book shelf.

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