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10 Tips for Surviving a Hurricane

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"10 Tips for Surviving a Hurricane"
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Hurricanes pose major threat to the safety of those who live in areas where they are a possibility. When dealing with hurricanes, precautionary measures must be taken in order to ensure safety. Below is a list of 10 tips for surviving a hurricane.

1. Be Prepared

If you live in an area that could be affected by a hurricane, then you definitely need to be prepared. Before hurricane season rolls around, make sure you have plenty of water and canned food stored away. Also, it would be wise to always keep a full tank of gas, have available cash and have a set destination should you be forced to evacuate.

2. Don't Be There

The easiest way to survive a hurricane is to, simply, not be there. Get out of town the moment it becomes evident that the approaching hurricane poses a threat.

3. Don't Panic

In any survival situation, you should never panic. Panicking leads to stupid decisions and stupid decisions lead to serious injuries and possibly even death. NEVER panic!

4. Do Not Delay Evacuation

As soon as the local authorities decide that the approaching hurricane is too dangerous to ride out, get out of there. They came to that conclusion based on expert opinion and there's no need to question it. Don't wait around to see if the storm subsides. If you decide to stay a little longer, you may end up getting stuck without any way to get out of the storm. Put yourself in a better situation and get out of there long before the storm poses a major threat to your life.

5. Have Established Escape Routes

In the event that you do get caught in a hurricane, make sure you have a planned escape route for the people you are with. Also designate a meeting location in case you or any of your party members get separated.

6. Forget About Your Possessions

Any material objects you have can be replaced. Your life is on the line and that is definitely more important than anything else.

7. Don't Go Outside

In the event that you do get caught in a hurricane, never go outside. When you are in the eye of the storm, the weather will become extremely calm. Typically, what follows the eye, is the most vicious part of the storm. Stay inside!

8. Stay Away From Windows and Glass Doors

Shattered glass from windows and glass doors can pose a potential threat to your safety. To further prevent damage from windows and glass doors you can make impact-resistant shutters to place over your doors and windows. These can be made from plywood or metal. It is also important that all interior doors are closed and that all curtains and blinds are shut.

9. Tie Down All Loose Items

Keep all loose objects tied down. Loose objects in gale force winds pose a threat to your safety.

10. Stay in Small Interior Room

Find a small, well-fortified room indoors to take shelter. You can even lie under a sturdy table if necessary. If you live in an area that could potentially flood, never take shelter in a basement or storm cellar.

All-in-all, the most important thing you can do when surviving a hurricane is use common sense. The best way to beat the storm is to not be anywhere near it. Remember, your life is at stake.

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