How Math is used in the Real World despite what Students say

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"How Math is used in the Real World despite what Students say"
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Math is used in every country and it is used everyday to construct bridges, build technology, planning for a vacation, savings, preparing budgets, saving money, calculating taxes, and much more.

In high school many students might think that Math is useless and there is no need for it. But if you really think about it, Math is one of the most important subjects in school. Math is used in the real world in many ways:

Making a budget: Have you ever wondered how much you need everyday to become a millionaire or a billionaire? This requires math knowledge and calculations. All average families need to save money on regular basis to pay for their children education or to pay for their regular expenses such as rent and mortgage. All this requires a budget and use of math. For example to calculate how much you need ever day to become a millionaire, a person who has knowledge about division and percentages can calculate much faster than the person who only knows addition and subtraction.

Filing taxes: It takes a long time for people to file their taxes because they lack the basic math skills. If you are good at math you will not need an accountant to file taxes for you. The process of filing taxes also requires the use of math and you should be able to do it yourself and save money that you would have paid to an accountant.

Engineering: The field of engineering requires knowledge of angles, trigonometry to study about various structures and build them. If civil engineers did not know mathematics, our bridges would be falling apart and we would have not been able to have wonderful technology.

Computers: You would have not been able to read this article if computers weren't invented. And what exactly helped in building a faster computer? Mathematics. The use of algebra in computer programs made computers much more faster and user friendly Without math you would not have computers, Ipods, MP3 players, television and many other inventions.

Shopping: If you are good at math, then you will never be fooled at a grocery store and will never pay more money than you need to. Good mathematicians are able to manage their money and are able to make simple calculations quickly to figure out the amount of change. This is also useful for you if you have job as a cashier in a shopping centre.

Professions: In professions like accounting, auditing, business management and marketing require use of mathematics. You must end up with a profit. If you are good math then you will be able to construct equations to determine the amount of profit and will be able to perform much more efficiently. Whereas people who do not know mathematics will eventually get their answers but it might take them a few days to figure out the amount of profit/loss and opportunity cost of their decisions.

These are only some examples where mathematics is used in the real life. Without mathematics this world would be a dull place. It might be boring to learn it, but it is very useful in making money, managing money, investing money, getting a well paid job, living peacefully, and creating technology.

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